We are a technology solutions firm whose collaboration represents the passion and talents of a New York City physician/entrepreneur and two information technology/network professionals from Boston, MA and Vancouver, Canada.

VI — for Vertical Integration — defines our work approach. We consider each and every client from top to bottom, and craft solutions that optimally integrate with their structure and needs.

"Integration" also alludes to our foremost value: Integrity. We are honest and transparent in all of our work; our clients entrust the sound management of their technology infrastructure to VI Concepts.

Frustrated by working with poorly designed and crafted networks from prestigious IT firms (even the largest), the founders decided to become a principal IT contractor instead of subcontracting to larger IT companies. The principals of larger firms rarely work in day-to-day technical operations, so they no longer have the same control with technology as they once had. We are a hands-on firm that still controls our workmanship throughout the entire process. Our principals take pride in working directly with clients without the layers of bureaucracy inherent in larger IT firms.

While most companies promote brands, specific skills and "boxed" solutions for their clients — VI Concepts takes a holistic client-driven approach. Because we, ourselves, cannot be forced into "one-size-fits-all" solutions, we do not promote that approach with our clients to meet their security and technology objectives.

To build a business that we are proud of, we work with technology differently for our clients. Our consulting practice is similar to the combined services of an architectural design firm and construction builder. However, unlike some architectural firms that design only to showcase technical brilliance, we design and build technology projects that our clients can work with comfortably and securely on a daily basis.

The result is a transparent collaborative environment that aligns technology requirements with our client's interests.